13 Tire Garden Ideas for Your Next Upcycling Project

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This article was originally published by Emilie Bradford on www.morningchores.com

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Do you have a lot of old tires laying around that you just can’t seem to get rid of? That’s because your DIY subconscious knows there is a great project just waiting for them!

Whether you leave them as they are and use them as a functional planter or if you want to paint them and add splashes of color to your garden or deck, there are loads of interesting ideas for you to choose from.

Sot hen, let’s take a look at these 13 creative tire garden ideas and beautiful planters you can make from old tires!

1. Tiered Tire Garden

Making a garden out of tires has so many benefits. First of all, it is a great way to make use of those old tires sitting around the yard. Not to mention, it’s quite the conversation starter when you have them all painted colorfully and displaying beautiful flowers.
This is a simple project that really lets you explore your creativity. Depending on the size of the tires you have available and the colors you have in mind, your tire garden will be your blank canvas.

2. Hanging Tire Planters

You can leave the tires their original black or paint them bright colors, it totally depends on the look you’re going for.

I think this is a great project that isn’t too difficult. It involves some drilling, measuring and you will need a ladder but by following the step-by-step tutorial you can complete this project in no time.

3. Sisal Rope Tire Planter

From an old boring tire to a beautiful planter for your front porch or backyard patio. I’m really loving the creativity on this one!

This has quite a few steps and will require a fair bit of patience but just look at that result, who would have guessed a tire is hiding underneath that natural looking rope? When you see the blooming flowers in their new planter, you will be immensely satisfied with your creative DIY project.

4. Wooden Tire Garden

This project uses tires as an easy foundation. Simply stack and connect as many tires as it takes to get the desired height and fill with dirt.

The fun part of this project is building the wooden planter box to cover the old tires if you aren’t up for painting them.

5. On the Wall Tire Planter

I adore how they painted this tire a pretty blue that adds a lovely pop of color against their white patio furniture. It also contrasts nicely with the pink and red flowers hanging out.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can complete this project. It’s very straight-forward and doesn’t need a lot of materials. Give it a try!

6. Potato Tire Garden Ideas

Forget the old traditional way of growing potatoes and try something new! Your potatoes will thrive in the warm microclimate of the tires. Just make sure they have good drainage as they don’t like getting their feet soaked.
This potato garden is ready in just four easy steps and then you can enjoy planting and watching your dinner grow.

7. Frog Garden

Hop on over to this tutorial to find out how to re-create this friendly frog who will greet passing neighbors.

This project isn’t necessarily difficult but it will take time to do all the painting and little extras that make it so great. So set aside a weekend and a few tires.

8. Tire Parrot Planter

Wow! It’s hard to believe that this is a DIY project and not just something you have to buy in the store. What a unique and fun tire garden idea to transform something old into something new.

Surprisingly it’s not as difficult as it seems either. All it takes are the right incisions, a tad of color and a bit of patience. There are also other examples of different tropical birds like toucans.

Try this Tire Garden

9. Hanging Tire with Rope

Similar to the other hanging tire planter that we saw but this one uses the simplicity of a large rope. A nice nautical feeling to this project that would look great out on the patio or at your beach cabin.

Paint the tire to your preferred color and choose a contrasting flower color to really make it pop. This is a beginner-friendly project that is also budget-friendly.

10. Two-Row Tire Garden

Add a couple of rows of tires to your garden edge as a pretty and functional border. Fill the tires with healthy soil and colorful flowers.

A simplistic yet great way to attract pollinating insects to your vegetable garden and also make use of those old tires you’ve been storing for so long.

11. Inside-Out Tire Planter

I really love how this tire planter turned out (by turning it inside out)! They left it all black but obviously, you could paint it a pretty purple or just plain white.

It’s surprising how easy these tire planters are to create. They will only take you a short time and then you can use the rest of the day deciding what kind of plants you want to plant in them. If you put them close to your kitchen, you can create a lovely herbal tea garden.

12. Hanging White Tire Planter

Stunning! I have to say I really love the combination of the white tire with the bright pink flowers! A truly beautiful look.

Choose how you want to hang your tire, whether it’s from a rope, a chain, or just drilled right into the wall.

13. Rainbow Tire Wall

How brilliantly colorful does this tire wall look? To think that these were just useless old black tires before and now they are a colorful home for colorful plants!
As you can see too, some of the plants have been planted directly into the tires and some have been left in their small planters.

There are many benefits to using these tire garden ideas. The question has been raised whether they are safe, and we discuss that in-depth on our post gardening in tires – which will also explain how to start a vegetable garden in a tire.

Otherwise, your only other issue is going to be deciding which tire planter idea you want to try and make first! Personally, I love the hanging tires! They are so charming and really easy to make.

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