10 Beautiful Rock Garden Ideas to Spice up Your Yard


This article was originally published by Emilie Bradford on www.morningchores.com

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I think we can all agree that rocks bring a certain charming aesthetic to a garden. But, have you realized some of the other secret benefits that come with adding rocks to your garden?

Adding rocks in your garden will help against soil erosion and, unlike mulch, won’t start to decompose in your garden bed. Rocks also have a great draining function so rainwater run-off will be slowed down, dispersed more evenly and then drain away. This is a great advantage if you have plants that don’t like a lot of water.

All that to say, rocks should be used strategically when planning your rock garden. Decide carefully on the plants you use and the position you place the rocks. But most importantly, have fun planning your new rock garden!

1. Large Rock Wall Garden

Let’s just first say, how beautiful does this garden look? Absolutely gorgeous! Now, let’s get onto the strategic aspects that are included in the addition of these large rocks on the hill.

These big rocks are slowing down water runoff, defending against soil erosion and adding extra heat to the ground. Consider adding rocks near sun-loving perennials to provide them with extra warmth.

2. Succulent Rock Garden

Small colorful pebbles bring an eye-catching contrast to a lovely succulent garden. Combine the pebbles with sand and moss to really create a dynamic look.

Since succulents are particular about how much water they like to consume, rocks work well to filter the water and stop the succulents from getting their roots too wet.

3. Rocks on a Hill

Rocks can work wonders on a hill to slow rainwater runoff as well as retaining the topsoil.

This rock garden has a layer of mulch that looks lovely against the large rocks. Add some tall shrubs, pops of color with dainty flowers and sweet-smelling grasses to create the perfect butterfly habitat.

4. Rock Border in Front Garden

The thin rocks creating a border for the front garden give a very clean and finished look to your landscape. They also work to keep everything separated and in place.

Consider contrasting the color of your mulch with the color of the rocks. In this photo, they have gone with a dark mulch that looks wonderful against the light gray/green rocks, and they continue that contrast by adding plants with contrasting colors.

5. Spiral Rock Garden

A spiral is one of nature’s patterns. We can see this shape in snail shells, plant tendrils, tornados, whirlpools and even in our fingerprints. Typically, spirals are patterns of growth and motion. However, spirals can also be found in places as an efficient solution for filling space.

Using a spiral technique in your garden is a great way to add space and dimension as well as aesthetics. The herbs or vegetables planted at the bottom of the rising spiral will have more shade whereas the plants growing at the top will have more exposure to the sun.

6. Dry Stream Rock Garden

A dry stream made out of river stones will not only create a charming border at the edge of your garden, but it also has a functional use.

As we’ve mentioned before, rocks are the perfect garden element when you are looking to slow or drain rainwater runoff. Take charge and direct that runoff water to where your garden needs more moisture by adding a dry stream.

7. Cactus Rock Garden

If you are dealing with plants that don’t like to get their feet wet, such as succulents or cacti, you’re going to want to invest in some rocks.

Get rid of your regular bark mulch that is great at absorbing moisture and replace it with small pebbles that are better at dispersing moisture.

8. Decorative Rock Garden

Rocks don’t always have to be slowing the movement of water or stopping soil erosion. You can use them for purely decorative reasons as well.

Create eye-catching rock formations in empty spots that need ground coverage. Let their natural beauty show or paint them fun bright colors!

9. Low Maintenance Rock Garden

Are you looking to turn that garden space into something beautiful but that doesn’t take up all your time in its beauty maintenance?

Rock gardens are a great low-maintenance option. Forget about constant weeding and excessive watering. Rocks suppress weeds and disperse water more evenly.

10. Creepers and Rock Gardens

Pairing rocks with creeping plants is an attractive idea. It gives the plants something to creep onto and the rocks look lovely covered in light greens and blues.

This is low-maintenance landscaping that will look great in a side garden, at the edge of your deck or anywhere on your property that needs a little extra love.

So whether you are trying to fill space between plants or if you are designing an entire garden with rocks as a focal point I hope you have found some ideas here.

Rocks are a lovely option that you can consider in your garden planning this year. Add a little extra heat by using rocks as a thermal mass. Then, next year, watch how the ground warms up in that spot faster and you can start gardening sooner.

Create unique figures out of different sized rocks or paint them bright fun colors as decoration! The options are endless and all it takes is a bit of creativity!

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